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I wear my heart on my sleeve, much too loudly, and I used to dangerously trust people to a fault. Get kicked enough times when you're down, and you begin to stop seeing people as inherently good—trust me.

This place? This is where I come to commune with friends and to squee about Supernatural, as well as all things J2 and wincestastic. (Sam/Dean = the motherfucking OTP, always and forever.) Yes, I do watch other things, and I love lots of different types of music and lots of books, and I have hobbies, actual hobbies, yes, but I'm not going to kid anyone. This journal is all SPN all the time.

I do write a bit of fanfiction (as well as podfic other's fanfic), so, blanket disclaimer: nothing you may recognize—be that Supernatural characters or the actors that play them—nothing is owned by me, not even a bit. Swearsies!

credit where credit's due
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analogue photography, baking obscene deserts, brainstorming ludicrous ideas, campfires, cassette tapes, cigarettes, crocheting, darkrooms, doggies, drosophila melanogaster, expensive vodka, family reunions, fanfiction, fireflies, fragrant tea, good books, good whiskey, grilling, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, late summer nights, long drives, lounging in the sun, luxurious yarn, meeting interesting people, molecular genetics, old whiskey, practicing my writing skillz, pretty paper, quaint coffee shops, quiet coffee shops, sandals, sangria, supernatural, time-sucking websites, too loud music, trashy websites, winchesters
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